Background Verification Checks

All offers of employment at SS&C are subject to satisfactory Background Verification Checks. The honesty and integrity of our staff is of paramount importance. From entry-level jobs onwards, it is vital that the information you provide is complete and accurate. All information is treated in the strictest confidence. SS&C reserve the right to withdraw your offer of employment if satisfactory Background Verification Checks cannot be obtained.

Background Verification Checks consist of the following:

  • Employment references
  • Gaps in employment of 3 months or longer
  • Educational and professional qualifications
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Credit Check
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Eligibility to work in the country that the role is based in
  • Directorship search
  • Sanctions Check

All details that you submit as part of the application process will be used as part of the Background Verification Check process. Please ensure all the information you are providing, as part of your application, is accurate.

You will be given the opportunity during the recruitment process and at the point of employment offer to disclose any information you feel may be relevant to the Background Verification Checks we will carry out.

Employment History

We will check all employment/activity within the last five years, even if you're an apprentice. If you have spent a period of time living or working abroad, we will undertake overseas checks to the same level, subject to the availability of the information. If you have not been working for any period of time in the last 5 years, for any reason, you may be asked to provide documentation to support your activity during this period.

Educational and/or professional qualifications

We check the highest level of education and all relevant professional qualifications. If you have been at more than one educational establishment or gained additional qualifications within the last five years this will also be checked.

Credit Check

This check is dependent on the country that you will be working in and the local regulation. The Credit Checks that we carry out do not affect your credit rating. This report will identify CCJ/Bankruptcy or IVA's incurred. We also carry out an annual Credit Check on all staff.

Criminal Record Check

This check is also dependent on the country that you will be working in and the local regulation. In the UK we carry out a Basic Criminal Records Disclosure via Disclosure Scotland for all new employees. A copy of our 'Employment of Ex-Offenders' policy is available on request.

Proof of Residence

We carry out an electoral role check. If you are not registered on the electoral role you will need to provide a utility bill, bank or credit statement received within the last 3 months at your current address.

Proof of eligibility to work in the country that the role is based in

We will need to see your Passport, Birth Certificate, and if applicable valid Work Permit or Visa prior to commencement of employment. You will be asked to bring this to any interview you attend at SS&C.

SS&C partners with a Company called Vero Screening to carry out Background Verification Checks, prior to your employment. We ask that during this process, you co-operate fully with Vero screening.

Please see our Joining SS&C page for a video explaining the SS&C Background Checking Verification process.